Studio R-Mic Athens
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About Us
Studio R-Mic Athens

Hi-End Recording Studio for Music Production and Hi-End Mastering Suite (up to 192KHz/64-bit)

The studio deals with TV, Film and Theatre soundtracks, Ads and Music Productions of many styles as : Pop, rock, metal, ethnic, hip-hop, jazz e.t.c. 

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Our Services
Music Productions
The centerpiece of Studio R-Mic is 80 channels in/out Custom Yamaha digital console with total recall (64-bit), expandable to 160 channels, recording on Mac, running the latest Digital Performer with M.O.T.U Hardware System (192KHz/64-bit). 
The studio is equipped with a noumerous of software and hardware equipment and classic vintage gear (TC Electronics, TL Audio, Focusrite, Aphex, LA Audio, AKG, Neumann...etc.).
Recording & Mixing
Incredible facilities & equipment

The studios offer a unique blend of Hi-end digital technology alongside with vintage equipment and custom built equipment.
Un-Limited Multi-track "Live" Recording.
Many of the world's most famous artists, producers, composers and musicians have worked and cooperated with us !!!
Hi-End Final Master
From analogue tape machines and vintage microphones to Hi-End Digital Mixing consoles, the unique array of equipment on offer at R-Mic is selected only for the Best.
You can take your pick from any of the extensive selection of equipment to record at the studio. Our microphone collection encompasses the finest models, while our carefully selected loudspeakers provide equal clarity at the opposite end of the signal chain.
Record your Dream Music track with us !!!
Artist / Music Bands
  1. Demis Roussos
    Multiple-Platinum album Pop Artist
  2. Yiorgos Psihoyios
    Jazz Pianist & Composer
  3. Mute Tale
    Symphonic Heavy Metal
  4. Lord 13
    Stoner Rock
  5. Warlord
  6. 2002 GR
    Multiple-Platinum album Pop-Rock Band
....and many others....!!!!​​