Studio R-Mic Athens
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About Us
"Studio R-Mic" is a Hi-End Recording, Mixing and Hi-End Mastering studio. 
Established by Michael Roussos and Dr.Makis Tselentis in Athens-Greece and Nicosia-Cyprus. 
The studio deals with TV, Film and Theatre soundtracks, Ads and Music Productions of many styles as : Pop, rock, metal, ethnic, hip-hop, jazz e.t.c. 
The centerpiece of Studio R-Mic is 80 channels in/out Custom Yamaha digital console with total recall (64-bit), expandable to 160 channels, recording on Mac, running the latest Digital Performer with M.O.T.U Hardware System (192KHz/64-bit). 
The studio is equipped with a noumerous of software and hardware equipment and classic vintage gear (TC Electronics, TL Audio, Focusrite, Aphex, LA Audio, AKG, Neumann...etc.). 
A large array of equipment and tube microphones (AKG, Neumann, Rode, Sennheizer, Telefunken, Audio-Technica...etc), as well as a Hammonds B3 Organ with a Leslie 122, B-100 with a Leslie HL-822, XB-2 and XK-3c with a Leslie HL-722 and Leslie 130, a collection of Korg, Yamaha, Kursweill, Emulator, Roland digital synthesizers and sound modules, many of Moog, Yamaha, Oberheim and Welson analog synthesizers, Pearl Master Custom Recording Special series and Premier Custom Recording drum kits and Fender, Gibson, P.R.S guitars with Marshall, Messa Boogie, Hughe & Kettner, Carvin, EVH, Fender and many others tube amplifiers, "Line 6" Tube Stack guitar system with many simulation racks and Ashdown & Ampeg Bass guitar amplifier. 
Dr.Makis Tselentis designed the acoustic of the studio, for natural recordings and pure "live" sound, in a quiet environment.
  1. Dr. Makis Tselentis
    Sound Designer - Composer Arranger - Music Producer
  2. Mic Roussos
    Composer - Arranger Music Producer